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Each ornament in the series features an Oregon Coast lighthouse painted by local artist Arlon Gilliand. Historical information about the lighthouse is on the back of the glass ball ornament from Germany.
Lighthouse Columbia2007 Lighthouse Columbia
Built in 1950 in San Francisco, this vessel signaled the entrance to the Columbia River west of Astoria, Oregon from 1951until its retirement in 1979 when it was replaced by a lighted navigational buoy. It is 128 feet long and 30 feet wide and is on permanent display at the Columbia River Maritime Museum in Astoria, Oregon.
2006 Lighthouse Cape Blanco2006 Cape Blanco Lighthouse
Cape Blanco is the oldest and western most lighthouse on the Oregon coast. Built in 1870 and fully restored in 2003, its 59 foot conical tower stands 245 feet above the ocean. SOLD OUT
2005 Umpqua River Lighthouse2005 Umpqua River Lighthouse
Built in 1894, after the collapse of the original lighthouse at the sight in 1861, it marks the mouth of Winchester Bay on the southern Oregon Coast. It stands 65 feet high and has 6 red lenses which give it a unique red glow. SOLD OUT
2004 Yaquina Bay Lighthouse2004 Yaquina Bay Lighthouse
A wooden structure with a lantern room atop, built in 1871, this lighthouse was in operation only 3 years. It is now a museum and is lit as a private navigation beacon. It is fully restored and open to the public at Newport, Oregon.
2003 Coquille River Lighthouse2003 Coquille River Lighthouse
Also known as the Bandon Lighthouse, this 40 foot tall lighthouse was built in 1896 to guide lumber ships to the Port of Bandon on the southern Oregon Coast. It was abandoned from 1939 until 1979 when it was restored as an interpretive center for visitors as part of Bullards Beach State Park. SOLD OUT
2002 Cape Arago2002 Cape Arago Lighthouse
Cape Arago Lighthouse is located in Charleston, southwest of Coos Bay, Oregon. Standing 40 feet high, it is visible 16 miles to sea. It also serves as a harbor navigation guide. The first two lighthouses at this site, built in 1909 and 1934, were destroyed by erosion. It is now automated and the dwellings have been removed. SOLD OUT
2001 Cape Meares2001 Cape Meares Lighthouse
Built in 1890, Cape Meares is the shortest lighthouse on the Oregon Coast, standing only 38 feet high. The light tower still contains the original Fresnal lens. It has been inactive since 1963 when a new light was installed nearby. Now fully restored, it is a popular tourist site.
2000 Tillamook Rock Lighthouse2000 Tillamook Rock Lighthouse
Located in one of the most treacherous areas of ocean in the world, “Terrible Tilly” was nearly impossible to build or maintain. Built in 1880, it served sailors with its lights and horns for 77 years. Now in private ownership, it is a columbarium called Eternity by the Sea. SOLD OUT
Heceta Head Lighthouse1999 Heceta Head Lighthouse
Illuminated in 1894, the strongest light on the Oregon Coast shines 24 miles out to sea. The 56 foot tower sits 205 feet above the ocean.
Yaquina Head Lighthouse1998 Yaquina Head Lighthouse
Located on the central Oregon Coast, it is the tallest lighthouse in Oregon. Completed in 1873, it has been called one of the most beautiful lighthouses in America. The first-order light is visible 19 miles (31 km) out to sea.